ps4 vs xbox one

With Sony and Microsoft finally releasing their own next-gen consoles with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, let the battle for console superiority begin all over again. As always there will be plenty of awesome game titles exclusively available for each console, potentially making the games the pivotal point for both consoles and their fans.

For the first time ever, the Xbox One will include a Blu-ray player. The Xbox 360 only ever supported DVD playback, but the Xbox One will finally leap the boundary to the Blu-ray format, allowing players to watch and play in beautiful high definition. With the PlayStation 3 already supporting Blu-ray, the PlayStation 4 will again support this capability.

Both the PlayStation and Xbox will of course have their own online media services, with Xbox Live and PSN, which will allow players to access more than ever before with multiple ways to watch television and films, listen to music, play indie and old-school games and access social media on either system. Both consoles will have access to vast libraries of on-demand films, television programmes, and music. Players will be able to rent or buy content using either console on their own retrospective on-demand services. The availability of such media may differ slightly between the two platforms, but both will carry the majority of the major releases including TV, film and music.

The Xbox One probes itself as an all-round multimedia home entertainment system with its entertainment values and its television integration. This will allow users to integrate their TV allowing them to watch it on their Xbox One alongside the online media services provided, and using the new Kinect, users can change channels and browse menus using their own voice! This feature alone could turn the Xbox One into a real killer, a pure home entertainment hub system and make it tower above the PS4. These features will come with a hefty price tag of £429, £80 more than the PS4 which costs £349. The Xbox One will also require a Live Gold subscription to use its online features which costs around £40 per year. Players can access all of the PS4’s online features without subscribing to PlayStation Plus.