Review: The Fratellis 10th Anniversary Tour Review!

Review: The Fratellis 10th Anniversary Tour Review!

10 years on from the release of their first full-length album, Costello Music, The Fratellis began a tour dedicated solely to playing the album in its entirety, for the first time.


On the Fratellis’ 7th stop, at the Bournemouth 02 Academy, the group played for a packed Academy hall, with fans above on balconies trying to get a better look.

They played the entirety of Costello Music, not necessarily in order, but switched it up, keeping the different musical styles found on the album together.

Thank you and good night…

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Before the show, as people began pouring in, it was obvious that not only were there young adults there, who had obviously been introduced to The Fratellis as children, but also older couples. Even entire families of 5/6 people, spanning generations, were arriving together to enjoy the show. Since it was a 10th anniversary special tour, it’s obvious that a mixture of age groups will come, but I was not expecting to see families enjoying the same music together at a concert, it was refreshing to see!

The support act was Johnny Lloyd, whose sound matched well with that of The Fratellis and after a few songs people really started to enjoy it. One man even decided one of the slower songs deserved his lone lighter flame in the air. Most of Lloyd’s music came off of the new EP, but some older stuff was sung along to by the crowd.

Before The Fratellis came on stage, the lights went down and music started playing. That music was the can-can. With it the spotlights started ‘dancing’ and everyone was laughing and enjoying the absurdity. When the lights went back to normal the band was already on stage and immediately started playing Henrietta, to the happy screams of the crowd, followed by Flathead, again to the crowds’ delight. After a few more of their most popular songs they played some that people didn’t seem to know, but the second Chelsea Dagger started everyone was on their feet jumping and screaming again, the mood never seemed to darken.

By the end, everyone was happy but worn-out, and as the band went to play their final song, Jon, the lead singer, thanked everyone for keeping them in a job for the past ten years, which again made everyone laugh and made it a night to remember for all, so it’s no wonder that they’ve sold out almost every venue on their tour!

The Fratellis are due to play two more London dates in February at the 02 Forum in Kentish Town.