Not Your Typical Victorians, The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing’s third album, produced by their own record label Leather Apron Records, combines the anarchy of punk and the intensity of metal. The dark yet satirical lyrics of their songs tell stories from the Victorian age.

Before the main event the audience was treated to a performance from up and coming grunge band, Arid Wave, who have just signed a single deal with SoSo Records. The three-piece band, local to Southampton, gave an enthusiastic performance reminiscent of nineties grunge bands like Nirvana. Following this was the hilariously funny Andrew O’Neil (guitarist and vocalist for The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing) with his stand up comedy act. Andrew’s alternative comedy, which combines political, historical and musical themes, has the crowd in stitches. Andrew is a regular on the comedy stages at festivals such as Sonisphere, Reading and Leeds and Download.


The Talking Heads is a small venue with basic lighting and a simple stage set up which adds to the raw punk feel of the evening. As the lights drop and the band jumps up onto stage I am excited to find out what all of the buzz is about. The set opens with their single and title track from the album, Not Your Typical Victorians, a foot stomping, high-energy song that truly puts the Punk in Steampunk.DSCF4063

TMTWNBBFN play tracks including A Clean Sweep, a song telling the story of the low life expectancy of Victorian chimney sweeps and the ever-popular Gin Song which whip the audience up into frenzy. It is the type of live performance that gets your pulse racing and the mosh pit jumping. With a natural instinct for how to work a crowd, it is easy to see why even people who are unaware of the band’s music end up being die-hard fans after seeing one of their shows.


With the Steampunk costumes and use of uncommon instruments such as a saw and violin bow to create an eerie whistling sound, the band demonstrates how their shows are not just about playing a few songs but are out and out performances.

Each track sees the audience enjoying a good sing along and you can’t help but be caught up in the passion. TMTWNBBFN are a band for everyone, they are tight, entertaining and their songs are fun to listen to and catchy.


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