Eton Dorney will be the host for one of the most important regattas on the calendar for Rowing clubs in the South of England at the end of January.

The Thames Valley Head of the River race will be attended by clubs throughout the Hampshire and Dorset region, which will include students at the various different teams trying to prove their ability to Wessex squad scouts.

The regatta is used as a good opportunity to look at up and coming rowing talent or to remember the quality of some already proven competitors as Wessex officials start to select crews to race at the 2015 UK Inter-regional regatta at Nottingham later this year.

While Wessex is often seen as a region that simply makes up the numbers at the national event, due to the regatta taking place in river boats that are a big contrast to the coastal boats of the South, it’s a huge opportunity for competitors to get noticed on a bigger scale.

Richard Hume of Leander, formally of Coastal team BTC, was selected after he was scouted competiting for Wessex in Nottingham.

The entries for the regatta are still being finalised, but its expected that the likes of Lymington, Coalporters Southampton and even Team Solent are expected to be on the list.