Titanic the Musical to set sail from Mayflower

Titanic the Musical to set sail from Mayflower

The Titanic set sail from Southampton to New York in her Maiden Voyage. Credit: Press Association

by Katy Howard, Content Writer

It was the most iconic ship of all time, with a story that has lasted more than a century and cemented itself in Southampton’s heritage.

But it was on the night of the April 14th, 1912 that gave the Titanic its tragic history.

After striking an iceberg, “the unsinkable ship” broke apart and sank when 1517 women, children and men lost their lives.

But now, that historic moment will be relived when Titanic the Musical comes to the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton, on the 106th anniversary of the tragedy.

The show focuses on the lives of people on board, whether it be from the lower class passengers looking for a new life, to the Captain of the ship dreaming of a future on board the dream vessel.

To make an even more emotional connection, every person featuring in the show has the name of someone on board the ship.

Michael Ockwell, chief executive of the Mayflower Theatre said: “The show tour begins in the very week the Titanic launched from Southampton, and on the 14th April, 106 years to the day, we will start the performance at 11.40pm, the exact time the Titanic hit the iceberg.

“The musical also plays out in 2 hours and 40 minutes, which is the time it took for the ship to sink.

“It is the most emotional show I’ve ever seen. It’s an important story with a real relevance and history to Southampton.”

Titanic UK's tour will come to the Mayflower Theatre in April next year.
Titanic the Musical’s UK tour will come to the Mayflower Theatre in April next year.

Producer Danielle Tarento said: “It couldn’t be more fitting and special that we start the tour of this special show in Southampton.

“To see how much it means to the city is really humbling, and we couldn’t be more excited to start the tour here next year.”

The production will be at the Mayflower between April 12-21 and tickets are on sale now from mayflower.org.uk