Tom Forest

British singer-songwriter Tom Forest returns with another supremely soulful release, ‘Summer’.

After picking up tastemaker support across the blogosphere for his previous release ‘Monster’, the young artist continues his entrance to the scene with a smooth, emotive new song.

The track is featured on his upcoming debut album, ‘Hope’ and showcases Tom’s natural storytelling ability, as he describes the desire to repair what has been broken as he tries to realise what exactly went wrong.

Tom Forest

His voice is soft and infectious as he tries to convey the fact he’s caught up in this memory, relying on his realism of past experiences. While Tom does this, he allows you to recall your own experience of fragility. As artists like Hozier and James Bay provide us with their own take on the world, Tom Forest has provided his version of events in his stand-out unique sound. The added element of strings to the song allows a particular atmosphere for you to join his sense of vulnerability.

The chorus definitely brings soul to the whole song; the lyric “if somehow you and I go back again” shows the reminiscence the story is about and is reflected within this beautifully constructed piece of music. This song allows each individual to reflect from his or her experiences of love and heartbreak, which provides different emotions from one person to another.

Tom Forest has clearly captured the essence of sensitivity in ‘Summer’ and even in his other released songs too with his tranquil lyrics and intense music to accompany it.