“I have this image in my head of a man in a suit, underwater, never reaching the surface. ‘Superhuman’ is about working too hard towards something, and becoming engulfed. I worked for a few years at a law firm with the idea that a solid, well-paid job would somehow help me cling on in London, making music. But I was juggling two careers with no space for anything else, to breaking point. Sometimes it is better to give up, and to go home, if you can.” Tom Gracefield

Following the collaboration of Tom Gracefield (guitar and vocals) and Isobel Gracefield’s (writer and producer) previous release of Believer (below) the duo is back with the epic Superhuman (above.) Superhuman’ is another beautiful balance of confessional emotions and melodic beauty from an artist whose body of work continues to set the bar extremely high.

‘Superhuman’ continues to mark out one of the most naturally compelling new voices coming out of the UK right now. With this second slice of soul-bearing vulnerability, Tom’s capacity for more sombre tones is made all the more apparent.

Tom wrote Superhuman to cope with the loss of his brother in order to question the purpose, and fragility of life. Isabel also co-wrote the album due in January over the space of the month and dedicated to their family.

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