PC gaming has always been popular. However with technology becoming more advanced over the past years, gamers have been able to build more powerful PC’s to improve their experience.

“Video games foster the mindset that allows creativity to grow”

– Nolan Bushnell

Steam has been around since 2003, and has allowed PC gamers to buy games online, rather than making the journey to their closest game store.

But what are the best games according to Steam DB?

10 – Team Fortress 2 (Free to Play)

Team Fortress 2 (Photo: Valve)

Valve sure know how to win over gamers. Team Fortress 2 is a competitive player-vs-player game.

Compete alongside others to eliminate other players to show them who’s the boss.

Complete objective based games such as Control the Flag and King of the Hill to be the best team out there.

9 – Football Manager 2018 (£37.99)

FM 2018 (Photo: Sports Interactive)

Since 2005, Sports Interactive have been producing an alternative to FIFA and PES, aimed at those want to face more of challenge.

Football Manager sees the user step into the shoes of a football club manager and guide their favourite clubs to success, or fear the boot if you fail to meet the club’s expectations.

8 – ARK: Survival Evolved (£49.99)

ARK (Photo: Studio Wildcard)

Ark is an action-adventure survival game in an open world environment. Collect resources around the stunning 48×48 km map to create your own hut to shelter you from the wilderness.

Tame Dinosaurs to become your personal guardian and help battle other dangerous creatures in the world.

7- Warframe (Free to Play)

Warframe (Photo: Digital Extremes)

You control a member of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors awakened from centuries of cryo-sleep.

Fight against the Tenno’s new enemies in player-vs-environment content to take back what was their’s. Or mount up against other people around the world online to become the ultimate Tenno warrior.

6 – Path of Exile (Free to Play)

Path of Exile (Photo: Grinding Gear Games)

For fans of action RPG’s, Path of Exile will suit your needs. Set in a dark fantasy world, work your way through as an exile.

Fight your way through unforgiving wilderness, dangerous inhabitants and make new allies and rise to power and exact your revenge on those who deserve it.

5 – Grand Theft Auto V (£39.99)

GTA V (Photo: Rockstar Games)

The latest installment of what is undoubtedly one of the most popular video-gaming franchises.

Enter the virtual take on Los Angeles with three main characters and work your way up to the ultimate heist.

Also, get involved in the always expanding online to take on other players and make new allies and become the best.

4 – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege (£11.99)

Rainbow Six Seige (Photo: Ubisoft)

Under the iconic Tom Clancy name, Rainbow Six is a first person shooter that is highly tactical.

The online modes see the players teaming up against each other, to then eliminate other players as well as completing goals.

The game is known for it’s destructive physics as well as it’s highly close quarter combat gameplay.

3 – Dota 2 (Free to Play)

Dota 2 (Photo: Valve)

Another popular game created by Valve. For those who love strategy games, Dota 2 is perfect.

A massive multiplayer online battle arena which sees two teams of five competing against each other to defend their base as well as destroy their enemy’s base. Be your own hero and destroy your foe.

2 – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (£11.99)

CS:GO (Photo: Valve)

CS:GO is undoubtedly one of the most popular games in PC Gaming.

Developed by Valve, the game is a first person shooter, which sees players competing on teams in game modes such as Deathmatch, Bomb Defusal and Hostage Rescue. This game has created memories for many gamers.

1 – PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (£26.99)

PUBG (Photo: PUBG Corporation)

Also known as PUBG, the game is a last-man standing shooter, more commonly known as battle royale.

The game focuses on the player fighting in a 8×8 km map, salvaging weapons with the main goal to survive and be the last one alive.

The final version of the game was released in December 2017 and has been an instant hit in the gaming community.

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