Everyone loves the New Year. It’s a time for family and friends, it gives us an excuse to go out, party and get ridiculously drunk! And last but not least, it is the time for New Years Resolution. We’re all guilty of doing it… we set ourselves challenges that we’re really motivated for, but by February we’re back to our old lazy ways.

It’s time to make a fresh start and finish what we started. Here are 10 reasons why we don’t stick to our resolutions and how you can stop this recurring trend.

1.Going it alone:

Whether your resolution is anything from giving up smoking to joining a gym, don’t do it alone! Try to find a friend that can help push you to achieving your goals. A problem shared is a problem halved right?

  1. Realistic Resolutions

Be realistic with yourself, if you want to lose 50 pounds for the house party you’ve got planned next weekend, it’s just not going to happen. Start with something small and slowly build yourself up. It is far better to succeed at a smaller, more manageable resolution than to fail at a larger, impossible one.

  1. Don’t Give Up!

Whether you get disheartened or simply lose interest giving up too easily is a massive resolution breaker. Try to set yourself achievable benchmarks to meet throughout the year. This is a good way to keep your self on track.

  1. Time Management

Sometimes you realise your resolution is a bigger commitment than you first thought, for example joining the gym. If this is the case try to find a few hours a week to squeeze your resolution in to your daily routine.

  1. Financial Burden

Many will give up their resolution if the associated costs are too high. For example trying to lose weight can often require an expensive gym membership. Be creative and try to find less expensive ways to achieve your goals.

  1. No Plan

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Break your goal down into smaller; weekly goals so you feel like you’re constantly working towards something.

  1. Commitment

Don’t commit to something just because you think you should or because everyone else is doing it. You’ll only be disappointed in yourself. Make resolutions you actually want and feel you can achieve.

  1. Wrong Perspective

Rather than picking a New Years Resolution addressing all the drastic changes you need to make in your life, focus on what you can and will accomplish. Don’t dwell on what you’ve failed to accomplish in the previous year.

  1. Not Believing In Yourself

Most people tend to see a resolution as: you have either achieved your goal or you have failed and no in-between. However, congratulate yourself on any progress you have made, rather than beating yourself up about not meeting your set target. Always remember, slow and steady wins the race so give yourself a pat on the back from time to time.

  1. If At First You Don’t Succeed Try And Try Again

The likelihood is you will set a New Years Resolution that you want to achieve but you won’t stick to, and that fine, we all do it. If that’s the case I guess there’s always next year eh?