Do you find yourself continuously spending hours choosing something to watch during Netflix and chill? Take a look at the list below and you’ll be set for months.


Breaking Bad “I am the danger”

Commonly and rightfully hailed “the greatest TV drama ever to hit our screens”, Breaking Bad is a must see for everyone who has Netflix. It follows the story of an innocent high school chemistry teacher Walter White, who learns he has lung cancer and that he has just under a year left to live. With the birth of his second child on the way and their financial issues only getting worse, he knows he must earn as much money as he can for his family before he dies. With nothing to lose Walt uses his chemistry expertise to cook and sell meth out of a stolen RV with his partner-in-crime Jessie Pinkman, an ex-student of his.
With every episode available to stream instantly, how could you avoid this show?

“Say my name…”


Dexter “Surprise motherf*cker!”

Every morning, Dexter Morgan drives down to the Miami Metro Police department where he works and treats his co-workers to an assortment of tasty doughnuts, asks them about their family and proceeds to his lab where he uses his expertise in blood spatter pattern analysis to aid the station in catching killers. Seen by most as a good-hearted harmless lab-geek, Dexter does well to hide the fact that he’s actually a cold-blooded serial-killer. Except he’s not like other serial-killers, he lives by a code taught to him by his foster-father and only kills other murderers.


House of Cards “Democracy is so overrated” 

A riveting political drama House of Cards follows ruthless politician Frank Underwood and his calculated climb up the political ladder. With an immense lust for power, he will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Based on the British series identically namedthis show gives viewers an insightful view into the backstabbing, double-crossing, manipulative players in the U.S.’s political battlefield.



Narcos “Plata o plomo”

A Netflix original series, Narcos tells the story of the infamous drug cartel kingpin Pablo Escobar and his journey to $30 billion dollars. This fact-based drama gives an insightful view into the life of the once most feared, most loved and most powerful man in all of Columbia. With every police officer in Columbia on his payroll, Pablo Escobar uses his influence to enter the drug business, distributing large quantities of cocaine to Miami. This catches the attention of the American Drug Enforcement Agency, forcing them to dispatch agents to Columbia with the enormous task of taking down his empire.




Better Call Saul It’s discreet, like a stripper pole in a mosque”

Breaking Bad spin-off Better Call Saul follows the life of Walter White’s attorney Jimmy McGill AKA Saul Goodman. With the show set six years prior to his involvement with the blue meth-making maniac, we see how “Slippin’ Jimmy” attempts to leave his hustling days behind him to become a full-time attorney just like his highly reputable brother. However, it is a struggle for Jimmy as his hustling past places a stain on his reputation, holding him back from being a legitimate lawyer. His motivated nature, quirky character and subtle innocence are qualities that really draw you into him, he truly embodies the underdog archetype. Writer Vince Gilligan does a terrific job in creating a character you really want to see succeed.