Valentine's Couple

When you’re a student holidays and special occasions can be a struggle. There’s the money for one thing, and then there’s actually finding the time to go shopping. And if you’re in a relationship and anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s Day are grabbing at your wallet you might start to wonder why in the world you ever decided to be in a relationship in the first place! But worry not: here are some Valentine’s Day gift ideas that won’t put too much of a strain on your overdraft…and won’t make you look cheap either!

A Love Polabox


Polabox is a great little app that lets you order polaroid-style prints of pictures directly from your phone. Especially for Valentine’s Day, the app is offering a sweet, 60’s inspired gift box for you to fill with memories for your partner. Simply upload your pictures, give them captions and Polabox will do the rest. At £13.95, it’s a thoughtful yet inexpensive gift that your Valentine will remember.

Available from:

Or download the Polabox app for Android or Apple devices.

A three-course meal at The Cowherd’s, Southampton.



For those looking to splash a little bit, this year The Cowherd’s are offering an indulgent three-course meal for just £19.95 per person. And since you’re not supposed to bring friends to a Valentine’s meal it will cost only £40 to stuff yourself with their amazing food. There are also offers on champagne and prosecco for those wanting to snuggle up next to the fire over a glass of bubbles.

For more information or to book a table please call 0238 055 8405 or visit:

A giant Millie’s Cookie


Why? Because everyone loves a Millie’s Cookie: they’re personal and they taste AMAZING. They’re freshly baked an iced to order, and can be ready within 40 minutes if you’re a last minute kind of person.


Online orders sell out very quickly so visit your local store for more details and to place an order. Depending the type of cookie it should cost around £15.

Tickets to see 50 Shades of Grey


If you’re stuck for something to fill the evening with, or you’re just starting out in your relationship, a trip to the cinema never fails. With the new 50 Shades of Grey film being released just in time for the occasion, it would be rude not to. Girls will love it and boys, don’t pretend you don’t want to see it, I know you do.

Student tickets at Odeon, Southampton on Valentines Day cost £9.30 each, pricey for the cinema, but not too pricey for the day!

Book at:

Your last Rolo


If you’re really stuck for time and money, go to the corner shop and buy a packet of Rolos. Eat them all and save the last one to present to your partner. Cute.