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In the gaming world there are many games that promise a deep and impactful story or an addictive multiplayer element, but what about games that are just plain weird? Below we recite five of the strangest games to ever grace Steam, and if you’re into the weirder elements of the video game world then great news, because all of these games are currently on offer.


I Am Bread (Currently 66% off- £3.39)

i am bread

Have you ever wanted to experience the struggles of a living piece of bread? Well that’s the basis of Bossa Studios’ bread based simulator. I Am Bread found popularity with Youtubers upon its release earlier this year. The game puts players in control of a living slice of bread, with the overall goal of finding some way of becoming toast. The game actually has a surprisingly large amount of content, featuring multiple DLC’s and game modes. The player must do this whilst avoiding obstacles such as jam and broken glass, which reduce the bread’s edible meter. Most of the game’s difficulty is based around the controls which involves controlling a separate corner of the slice and finding a way of flipping itself forward.


Goat Simulator (Currently 75% off- £1.74)-

goat simulator

What started off as an internal joke between game developers, Coffee Stain Studios Goat Simulator soon found mainstream attention on sites like Reddit. Now a full game released on almost every platform under the sun Goat Simulator puts you in the cloven hooves of the titular goat. Although there’s no set narrative with Goat Simulator you can take part in optional tasks such as sacrificing a dozen people and becoming a demon goat. Or you can take part in various Goat fight clubs in order to become muscular and ‘ripped’.


Thomas Was Alone (60% off- £2.39)-

Thomas was alone

Thomas Was Alone was originally released as a Flash-based browser game back in 2010, but was expanded and re-released for Steam back in 2012. The game revolves around several sentient polygon shaped A.I who work together to escape from their virtual environment. The character’s emotions are conveyed by narrator and comedian Danny Wallace, which actually earned the game a BAFTA that year. As the game’s story progresses it actually becomes really engaging which is strange because at the end of the day it’s a game about different coloured rectangles.


Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 ( 25% off- £0.79)-

shower with ur dad

Although the game sounds like something that will lead you to getting your name on a government list, Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 is a unique experience to say the least. Based around a series of mini-games about showering with 8-bit dads, the game does feature a heavy sense of replay ability, as well as a simple gameplay style.


Hatoful Boyfriend (75% off- £1.74)-

hatoful boyfrend

More of a visual novel than a video game, Hatoful Boyfriend is a “Pigeon Dating Simulation” and by far one of the strangest experiences you will ever have. The game garnered quite a bit of hype upon its Steam re-release in 2014, it also received favourable reviews, which is a first of its kind for a game based around pigeon romance. Although the game won’t be for everyone because it’s at a lower price it is definitely worth picking up at least to try and find a perfect Pigeon partner.