Exploration Sale

Indie games are quite simply the ‘hidden’ gems of the gaming world. Whilst big titles known by everyone in the community might startle and awe with their immersive graphics and massive budgets, these games work to satisfy and leave breathless in very much the same way. Indie games do not limit the borders of their genres so the games on this list vary from heart-aching, beautiful storytelling to intense kill or be killed survival and then all the way to the simplicity of little blobs of colour beating each other up.

The best part is that until the 1st of December a selection of these unique games have had their prices sliced in the Steam sale to give PC gamers the best chance to get their hands on them; all in accordance with a student budget of course. 

These are the top 10 Indie games available on Steam in this season’s sale in no specific order:


£14.99 (£8.99)

Ori and the Blind Forest is a game with the masterful intent to dazzle you physically and ruin you emotionally. The stunning in-game forest is dying and you take on the role of an unlikely yet adorable hero who makes it their destiny to save the beautiful landscape.

With beautiful visuals that make you want to press your entire face right through the screen and a user writing in their review of the game that it’s as heart-wrenching as that scene from Lion King (You know the one: ‘Dad, c’mon. You gotta get up.’ ), this game promises to be an emotional roller coaster that’s a real treat for the eyes and ears from the beginning.


£14.99 (£8.24)

Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress and in this thought provoking survival-style indie game, you are left to fend for yourself in the wilderness with only the gear you can find as your saving grace. The player must use tactics and their own careful thought to survive the changing weather, the grips of hunger and the kilometres of uncharted landscape in which they are immersed.

This game is a beautiful challenge and each decision made is crucial. Hunt, harvest, craft and most of all survive as you chase off the wildlife, fight the cold and prove that staying alive is just a walk in the park… or not.


£14.99 (£10.04)

Rust is another game where survival is the key. Between chasing deer endlessly across landscapes while you swing your axe wildly and smacking rocks with other rocks, the player must stay alive by collecting resources in order to make weapons and shelters to ensure your own safety. Fight off hunger, thirst and other players online with whatever you can or even rally together to create small civilisations that will rule the graphically appealing game world.

Just don’t try and take a bear out with a rock. Chances are a task so grizzly will not end well. Maybe just do some interior design in your hand-made shack while naked instead. In-game, please.


£6.99 (£2.37)

Terraria is yet another survival indie on this list but with its own charm. The player must dig, fight, explore and build to survive. The promise of fortune and glory await if you’re daring enough to delve deeper and discover new lands. The game is notably cute in graphic style with a great feel of exploration, personal choice and the threat of combat wherever you wander. Be careful though, because if you take one step too far, a short trip down a deep crevice into the darkness beneath Terraria’s bright surface isn’t all fun and games.


£14.99 (£2.99)

Trucks. Simply trucks. Who doesn’t love trucks? No one. Who doesn’t love driving trucks from the safety of your own home as you take extensive trips across Europe? No one. Take rides from behind the wheel of a tuned up and customised vehicle and see the sights of more than 60 cities across the continent as one carries freight across thousands of miles of pleasing graphics and works toward expanding a business and fleet of vehicles in order to prove you’re a hardcore mothertrucker.


£10.99 (£2.74)

Science and magic is merged with the need to survive in this intriguing indie game where one plays as Wilson, a gentlemanly scientist who has found himself trapped by a demon in a world teeming with wilderness and strange inhabitants. The art style is totally unique and offers a complimentary feel to the game. The player is pulled in deeper and deeper as the days pass by and surprises, dangerous situations and weird creatures lurk around the corner as you, Wilson, try to not only stay alive, but thrive. Hopefully.


£44.99 (£15.29)

In this game the land is yours to explore and create. Choose your civilisation and expand to become the best as you conquer other nations. Food and resources must be obtained in order to grow, but you must also face the threats of a world full of harsh seasons and valuable secrets. The graphics are smooth and satisfying with detailed landscapes, a variety of character types and a dynamic turn based combat style. Endless Legend can be brought alone in this sale for the price of £7.81, but the entire collection adds five exciting expansions with more land to claim and stories to make.

This game is also one you can play with friends, because there’s nothing that says friendship like wrecking their civilisation and burning it to the ground.


£6.99 (£1.74)

Madness. Fully adaptable and original madness. Garry’s Mod is a game full of content that you can wield as you wish. You can create almost anything you can imagine and delve deep in to the world of other games to play with others or alone. It’s a physics sandbox and with over 300,000 models, maps and contraptions, this game just keeps giving. It just takes a little time to work out if you’re not too savvy, but the amount of fun you’ll experience in return will totally balance it out.


£11.99 (£8.03)

Cute colourful clay creatures attacking each other at your whim sounds like the epitome of fun and, at least to me, it is. Get together with close friends and enjoy equal amounts of horror and amusement as you perform melee attacks on the other player’s creatures and fight to become the winner in a variety of game modes and arenas.

This is a game full of fun and hilarity that will either bring you and your buddies closer together or tear you apart over that moment in-game when you threw them head first off a Ferris wheel.


£14.99 (£3.74)

Yet another game on this list endowed with beautiful graphics that leave your eyes yearning for more. RPGs are abundant nowadays, but take it form us, this game is special. The soundtrack (that is actually available separately for download on steam) sets a fantastic mood as you explore a futuristic world, engage in fast paced action and piece together the mysteries that arise throughout the rich storyline. This game is responsive with fully adaptable controls to suit your preference and a reactive voiceover that leaves you wanting to hear more as you press on through the aesthetically pleasing adventure.

Originally written by: Amie Lockwood