Travelling the world as a student!

Travelling the world as a student!

Travelling holidays

Travelling the world. People did it before, do it now and will continue to do so forever. Whether taking a gap year before or after university or just wondering between terms, youth travellers continue to dominate the travelling industry – accounting for 23% of international travelling in 2015. Unfortunately, as we know, as trends grow they oh so sadly become more expensive. You ask, ‘Are there even any good holiday destinations that won’t cost an arm and leg out there that are still to die for?’ Well, yes. I’m going to break down some of the best places you can choose to go to for a good buck, how to determine what you want and of course my own top pick, which I will be visiting later on this year.

So, if you’re stuck on where to find all these great places then look no further. First things first, throw away any fantasies you might have of America and some parts of Europe; as with Australia and New Zealand. Just place them straight in the stinky bin and seal it shut tight. Yes they are great, yes we’ve seen them in movies and fantasised about how flawless they’d be, but let’s be honest – you’re broke and will spend your budget in no time.

New Zealand.. It might look beautiful, but will your bank account feel the same way?

We have to reframe our minds – we want the lands of little Western discovery that haven’t been tainted with the profit and wealth tourism brings. Cast your mind, imagine lands with little to no crowds of tourists, prices for food and living low, the culture so vast and untainted that English speakers are far found. Yes, you’re with me, now let’s find our cheap holiday. When you want to find these beautiful and breathtaking locations, the internet has fortunately done all the hard work. With sites like Forbes, Skyscanner, Independent and much more, lists are formulated, and all the hard work is done so you can just pick which place to visit.

‘But there’s so many, how do I know which one I want?’

That’s so easy; just listen to your heart. Sappy I know, but beyond true. Only you know what you want, so start by thinking of what kind of holiday you want: beach, snow or city, where would you like to go? My choice – the beach. I need somewhere my beautiful brown skin can turn chocolate, a place where I need little to no packing as I won’t be wearing much. I’m from London, so I want to see the exotic, and breathe in fresh air, so my list is cut right down. Geographically, what’s your flavour? I want no continent I’ve been to before so I’ve got Asia, South America and down under to choose from. See what I’m doing here? In little to no time, your list dwindles and you’re left with the oh so good stuff, trust me.

That leaves me with Puerto Rico, Honduras and Guatemala. Who knew, deep down inside I’ve been craving some South American fun – well I now do! Investigate, examine, and do everything you can so you make the right choice. I went from googling tourist information to investigating their history and political policies (important if you are a part of the LGBT society or in fact a minority); I went on Instagram, Pinterest, and I tried to see everything visually before I chose. Lonely Planet is a great link when working out prices and travel requirements, i.e visas all the way down to whether or not you need to tip.

Travelling Honduras
The beautiful Caribbean seas of Honduras

My scribblings, lists and dreams lead me to pick Honduras for my cheap holiday destination. With Caribbean seas, untouched archaeology sites and wildlife that will blow your mind – they have whale sharks, the largest fish in the world; as well as supplying the world with some of the best coffee, cigars and leather, how could I not want to go?!

Where will your journey lead you?