Essential tips towards thriving at university.


  • Take photographs of your room when you move in. When you first move into your new room or house make sure to take photos of everything – especially look out for any marks or scrapes which are already there. This means when you come to the end of your tenancy and are wanting your deposit back, they can’t charge you for something which you didn’t do. Furthermore on the last day when moving out, take more pictures of the room. Reason being if anything is borrowed from your room to replace something which is missing in someone else’s room, you will have evidence that you did leave it as you found it – a friend of mine has personal experience with this and was charged £70 for a chair he left in the room. The charges were wiped the minute he sent the accommodation office the photographs.


  • Try to maintain a relatively sensible sleeping pattern. In my first year of university I would stay awake every evening until at least 3 am. This meant as a result I never woke up or went to lectures.
  • If like myself you have to work to fund university, try to get a job which isn’t too strenuous. I know that it isn’t easy to find and the easiest option is to take a bar job. I initially worked as a chef which meant I was working stupid hours. Instead I now work at Ladbrokes which is incredibly easy, and they allow me to read my books during the quiet times. If you are creative get in contact with or SolentCreatives, they can offer you freelance work where you can earn whilst developing a portfolio of work.Print
  • Also don’t forget once you get your Solent email to sign up for Amazon Prime Student. They offer 6 months for free and then a reduced price from them on. With Amazon Prime you get both the quicker deliveries from Amazon, and also you get loads of free films and tv series. Furthermore you get access to Amazon music which has a decent amount of free music to listen to.
  • Keep an eye out for a golden banana. It’s not just some crazy person in Southampton leaving them about. They get you a £200 tab at Oceana! On that note keep an eye out on their Facebook they always have competitions on the go to grab a free night out.csvkoslw0aaak8s
  • Sadly, I would love to say Southampton is the safest city in the world but it isn’t. When walking home don’t walk on your own. Also try to avoid the parks, walk around them the extra minute or two walking is definitely worth it. Every year there are attacks of both sexual and physical in the parks so avoid them at night!