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VIP Tresses , one of the UK’s leading hair extension suppliers have now launched their own collection of hair extensions and hair pieces. The collection ranges from 100% Human Hair, Remi Hair and Synthetic Hair pieces. Their range has set to be a big competitor in the industry.    Beauty Woman with Long Healthy and Shiny Smooth Brown Hair

VIP Tresses has a number of celebrity followers wearing their hair pieces from Liz McClamon, Martine McCutcheon, Natasha Hamilton and Josie Gibson. The UK’s leading hair supplier, VIP Tresses and their hair expert’s focuses on exceptional Customer Service and quality product. This is due to their dedicating service and their relationship with the UK’s leading hair and beauty arena, this has enabled VIP Tresses to launch their own incredible range of hair products. They have been in the hair and beauty industry for over fifteen years working with companies across the World from Europe, Asia and USA in order for them to ensure and give their customers the world’s very best hair product at affordable prices.

Sally Price, the Managing Director of VIP Tresses tells us the expert tips on hair extensions, from matching colour, length, and texture when choosing hair extensions and curling or straightening them.


When picking hair extensions to match our colour, Sally advises us is to always look at the tips of your hair and not just your roots or your fringe (if you have one). Always place the extensions under the last and first layer of your hair to ensure the colours blend. If you do not do this when applying your hair pieces you will end up with three tier colours affect and will not blend flawlessly. She also explains to us when choosing natural or chemically dyed hair, ‘Natural hair colours can often be difficult to blend as most hair extensions have been chemically coloured, whereas natural hair colours obviously haven’t. Coloured hair extensions can hold a lot of gold tones, however natural hair colours can be one-toned can be a little flat in colour – the solution for this is to go a shade darker with the extensions. This can give the illusion your hair has natural highlights and with a nice soft wave or curl this can blend the colours together. Another very popular look is the ombre/balayage look whereby you add a lighter tone to the ends of your hair’.


Hair extensions start from a length of 8” through to 24” depending on the brand. Before deciding what length of extensions you want, you need to look at the layers and length of your own hair. Your natural hair needs to be at least 4” long in order to cover the extensions. However, at 3” you can use clip in hair extensions, glue in a one piece hair extension or even a half wig (instant weave). Your natural hair must be able to cover the extensions to create a natural flow look. But what if your hair is a bob or all in one length? The Managing Director also advises us that the hair extension will need to be ‘thick’ in order to blend correctly. If your hair is blunt cut with no layers it will be difficult to cover the step from the natural hair to the hair extensions. She advises us to either add more of the hair extensions to enhance the volume or wear extensions that are wavy or curly to blend the sharpness of your own hair. This can also give a nice natural and volume look. If your hair is very short and would like to have long and big hair with lots of volume, a one piece in either synthetic or human hair can be a good option to obtain this look. Either way, hair extensions the same length of your natural hair can be used to boost volume. Big hair is very much in our day to day lives now so adding this to your own hair can give you amazing results and feel good.

Hair colors palette. Blonde, brown and black hair colours

Choosing Texture

We all have different hair types which can be matched with a perfect texture of hair extensions. For example, if your hair is generally straight in texture, Silky Straight (STR) would be best choice for you. If the hair gets wet, this hair can take a natural wave, however, don’t worry, as it can be easily blow dried or straighten with a silky glossy finish. If you have wavy hair or wish to have wavy hair here are a few options you may like. Body Wave, this is the loosest of waves (available in both hair extensions and hair pieces). When washing it, it will naturally return to a lovely loose wave which can be scrunch dried using a diffuser or can be re-curled using heat.

Italian Wave- this particular wave is a little tighter compared to the Body Wave and is ideal for someone who has natural wavy hair.

French Deep Curl- this specific wave is similar to a spiral curl. This would be great for someone who naturally has curly hair or permed hair. For very tight curls, Afro Kinky is best suited for someone with naturally curly afro hair.

Straightening your hair extensions

Always brush your natural hair from tip to the root. As we all know it is always important to heat protect your hair. Heat defence is a substance that creates a barrier between heat and hair .To prevent your hair from burning and damaging from the use of heat styling tools make sure you apply heat protection spray, VIP Tresses have a great selection from their website. If you have either clip ins or permanent hair extensions, always take small sections of hair for each stroke. High temperature can really damage your hair, it is advisable to straighten your hair at low heat when applying to your natural and hair extensions. Before applying the hair extensions on, straighten them first. This will stop you from pulling on your roots or moving the clips when pulling through your straightening irons


Curling your hair extensions

The same rules apply to straightening, always brush your hair from tip to root, and apply heat protection. When curling with clips on, it is ideal to curl before applying them. However, if you want to curl in with your natural hair, go one section at a time so you can fix any clips that might become loose. When curling, it depends on the size of curl you wish to have. You can take a small section of around 1 inch for a light long curl or a section of 2 inches if you prefer a loose wave like curl. When finished with the desired look, spray a gentle hair spray so it does not make the hair sticky. It is also important to not re straighten or curl hair that has hair spray or any other hair product applied to it as it can burn the hair and cause drying, breakage and snapping.