From the outside gaming can often look like a daunting experience with games like the recently released Fallout 4 gaining mainstream attention for being the biggest entertainment release of the year (surpassing Jurassic World and Spectre). But that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily accessible to the mainstream. Featuring intricate micromanagement and base building, a non-linear narrative and complex weapon modifications, it can make people looking to game feel like it’s far too complex.

But there are games that are much more easily accessible that people looking to get into gaming may not have heard of. Therefore I’ve decided to compile a list of games from the last decade or so that I feel are easily accessible.

5Shooters- Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

No list would feel complete without at least mentioning the king of console shooters, credited with being the game that brought gaming into the mainstream for the first time it is hard to find people that haven’t heard of the franchise. This popularity is well earned, as the game features a style of first-person shooter (FPS) gameplay that is ‘easy to learn but hard to master’ making it an easy game to pick up and play. The game features a single-player campaign mode which has you play a story straight out of a summer blockbuster. But the games’ main draw was the multiplayer, a series of simple, arena style maps combined with Call of Duty’s fluid gameplay make the multiplayer highly enjoyable. Now the older Call of Duty games often suffer from “hacked lobbies” where people use cheats to make themselves invincible and run amok. So in this case it may be beneficial to pick up one of the later games if you really want to invest yourself in the multiplayer.

4RPG- The Mass Effect series

While not the most well-known gaming franchise Mass Effect is renowned for streamlining the RPG (Role-Playing Game) experience whilst still providing one of the most intriguing and deep stories in gaming. Set nearly 200 years in the future Mass Effect puts you in the shoes of Commander Shepard, a veteran human soldier who quickly becomes involved in an age old mystery. The Mass Effect games let you fully customise Shepard, you are able to choose the gender and backstory which can impact how the story unfolds. The most unique thing about Mass Effect though is its decision based storytelling. Throughout the game you are presented with unique decisions that actually fundamentally change the story and can result in widely different experiences.

3Action Adventure- The Uncharted/Tomb Raider (2013) series

If you’re looking for something in a cinematic adventure game that’s straight out Indiana Jones then look no further than the Tomb Raider reboot and the Uncharted series. Now this choice depends on your platform of choice, Uncharted is exclusive to PlayStation and the Tomb Raider franchise has a timed exclusive deal with Microsoft and the Xbox. However the two franchises are very similar in nature, they both tell an exciting tale of cinematic adventure that spans around the globe and focuses on exploring ancient ruins to find mysterious artifacts.

2Point and Click- Telltale’s The Walking Dead

Now if you’re looking for something with much more of a focus on story and narrative over gameplay. Telltale’s The Walking Dead is essentially a point and click game but tells a story that may be superior to the TV versions. The game is episodic in nature meaning that per season they bring out an episode over two months or so. Season one follows the story of Lee Everett, a former history professor convicted of killing a state senator in a crime of passion. On his way to prison to serve a life sentence Lee is knocked unconscious in a car crash and wakes to see that the world he knew is at an end. Shortly after he awakens he meets a young girl, Clementine. Lee promises to take care of Clementine and help her find her parents. Both season one and two feature some of the most heart wrenching moments in video games and will keep you hooked during their 20+ hours.

1Open World- Saints Row IV

If you ever thought about playing a game as the psychotic president of the United States forced into trying to save the planet from aliens using a variety of super-powers maybe Saints Row IV would be your kind of game. Featuring the open-world, sandbox gameplay of GTA the game essentially lets you act out your childish desires. The game also feature a co-op mode allowing you to cause havoc with a friend.