Star Wars The Force Awakens

In the passing weeks, I’ve had a question rattle around my mind. It doesn’t concern Christmas, I’ve done all my shopping. It doesn’t concern University work either, though I probably should worry about that more. It doesn’t even concern which Christmas movie to watch during the holidays, but that’s an internal debate to have another time. No, instead it concerns a movie set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. And that question is:

What if Star Wars: The Force Awakens sucks?

Now I have every expectation that the film will be absolutely amazeballs and it’s going to blow everyone away. I have faith in J.J. Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, everyone who’s working on the movie; I believe they’re putting everything they have into this film to make sure it’s the best it can possibly be. But we’ve gotten burnt by this before. I was a wee lad of five when Star Wars: The Phantom Menace came out and had no concept of what Star Wars was. When I finally saw the films a couple years later, I was amazed by them. The story, the music, the special effects, the plot twists! That scene from Toy Story 2 when Emperor Zurg told Buzz Lightyear he was his father finally made sense! Even when I was young, I knew the prequels weren’t quite as good as the originals and the older I get, the more I see wrong with them. And there’s a lot to find fault with them.

My fear is that I’m going to walk out of The Force Awakens with the same disappointing feeling that everyone else had back in 1999. I don’t expect this movie to be nearly as bad as The Phantom Menace but there is the chance that it won’t live up to the high hopes that fans have. It might be an amazing Star Wars movie, but are fans expectations so high that anything that doesn’t meet them will be considered a disappointment? This is the first Star Wars film in ten years and it’s setting up the groundwork for a new trilogy, while also enlightening audiences on what’s happened between this film and Return of the Jedi. What if we don’t like the new characters in the film? What if Rey, Finn and Poe are all boring characters that we don’t care for? What if Kylo Ren is a poorly done villain after the legendary creation that was Darth Vader? What if the film mishandles the original characters? There’s so much this film is attempting to do and the more it attempts, the higher it reaches, the further it has to fall.

starwars, sad face

My face if The Force Awakens disappoints.. 

Maybe I’m worrying about nothing. Maybe the movie will be amazing. Maybe it will be the best movie of all time. That would be something. The film has been finalised now, no more filming necessary, all editing done, its finished. If it is a big bag of pitiful poop, it’s too late for anyone to do anything about it. But please let this be a good film. Let’s hope it’s just as good as the original trilogy, if not better in ways. Elements of that trilogy are returning also, with Luke, Han, Chewie and Leia all coming back. It’ll be good to see those characters again. But it was good to see Obi-Wan in his prime, and the rise and fall of Anakin Skywalker, and the Jedi, and the Clone Wars and all the cool stuff we were promised but ended up being really disappointing, and, I’m ranting now but I’m just worried this movie won’t live up to all my hopes and…

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 13.38.40

Phew. Let’s breathe for just a second.

Let’s think about what I’m going to do if the movie is as fantastic as I hope for it to be. I’m going to be over the moon if the movie lives up to my dreams, and I’ll be singing the films praises to anyone who will listen. If the movie sucks, I might as well just throw myself into the Sarlacc Pitt or into the path of the Death Star’s planet killing laser. Both would be nasty ways to go.

But you know what, even if the movie is terrible, I’m still going to be happy. Oh, I’ll be disappointed, but we have a new Star Wars movie. With the end of the prequel trilogy, Star Wars was over as far as the rest of the world was concerned, until Disney came along, with dollar signs in their eyes. We should be thankful this movie is even being made in the first place. And I’ll still go and see Rogue One next year, and Episode VIII the year after that. And whatever else Disney have got planned. They’ve got my money already. This article seems negative but I fully expect The Force Awakens will meet my expectations and then some. I just like to be cautious when it comes to things like this. Whatever my opinion of the film is, Star Wars is here to stay and I wouldn’t ask for anything more.

I swear to god though, if Jar Jar Binks is even mentioned in the film, I will smack the closest Ewok I can find. And I liked the Ewoks!