Christmas leftovers. Leftovers or not, food is food and who can really complain when you can take your mother’s home cooking back to Uni to eat rather than your own shabby-in-comparison oven ready chips? But I understand that going through the same thing everyday would get tiring eventually.

So here’s a few things to help get over the magic of Christmas that won’t end up making you regret making and taking too much food. These quick tips could come in handy for a tasty meal at home or a lunchbox for when you’re on the go.


Gobble, gobble. That’s what you got to do, but sometimes you’re not in the mood for a turkey sandwich so why not spice it up a bit and use the leftover turkey for.. A turkey PANINI!

If that’s not exactly what you’re expecting you can also use it up by shredding the turkey into pieces (with your hands or a fork/knife, up to you) and mix it into your typical ASDA bought bolognaise sauce. If you really want to be fancy, why not use it for pasta bake? The same goes for ham too.

Other ideas include:

  • Turkey Chilli.
  • Tacos/fajitas with turkey in it.
  • Baked potato with turkey filling.


You’re bound to have a piece of lettuce or two left over, so why not make the best of it? Besides using it to occasionally garnish a turkey sandwich, there’s others ways to rekindle your love for vegetables.

The go-to Chinese way to cook vegetables is to lightly fry the greens in a pan along with chopped garlic and trust me, it works and if you got some soy sauce lying about, drizzle just a little bit to create a delicious sauce to go with it.

Another way to approach the vegetables is to throw every kind of it into some boiling to simmering water, add some seasoning and meat, and bam! Vegetable soup for the classic British cold weather.


If its mashed potatoes, just eat it like that, nothing else. If it’s too plain for your taste, just pour a whole load of gravy and sprinkle on some seasoning to go to mash potato heaven. Unless you’d prefer to use it as a layer in your turkey pasta bake or use it as for the classic British dish, Shepard’s pie.

Roast potatoes are a little bit harder to reuse but never fear, potato casserole, anyone? For those who prefer a quicker way, you can cut them into slices and lightly fry them into a golden omelette.


December is an entire cheat month, just combine all of it to create one mega sugary delicious monstrosity. Put on your favourite Netflix or Christmas shows and eat it like a boss.

Eventually you may reach the deadline of when the food is actually edible so why not share the joy with your friends and housemates? It’ll save you from wasting food and all your friends will think you’re a 10/10 top culinary master.