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The weekend of love and last minute cards is upon us, and whether it’s a trip to the cinema or a night out, dinner in between goes without miss. If you’re struggling to find anywhere good to go out to eat within the area of Southampton, don’t panic. Southampton has a vast range of restaurants in the surrounding areas from the Oxford Street area further into the heart of Southampton High Street.

Recently, a number of new and vibrant restaurants have been built in the developing area of Cultural Quarter, including Tapas Barcelona, The Stable, Nando’s (main photo) and Gourmet Burger Kitchen. A variety of restaurants framed with unique architecture, create an atmospheric experience whilst simply going out for dinner with your loved one.

Tapas Barcelona offers a vast menu specialising in authentic Spanish dishes and serving food all day to 11pm. With seating areas from high, modern stools to plush, rustic sofas, Tapas Barcelona is ideal for a laid-back and causal evening out, within charismatic and colourful sceneries to relax and divulge in. With a choice of dishes from the authentic Spanish cuisine, why not sit back and relax with a selection of the Tapas menu and a tray of late night cocktails. From paella to the seared beef chimichurri and many other delicious meals, from only £26 per head the Spanish tastes are more than enough for temptation.  Click here to go to their website.

Turtle Bay, the lively, energetic Caribbean themed bar that lies just opposite the Cultural Quarter and left to the Guildhall, is renowned for it’s array of cocktails.

Turtle Bay
Turtle Bay

This Valentine’s, Turtle Bay are offering a four-course meal for £24 per person, described as ‘melt in your mouth’, amongst 2-4-1 cocktails during the restaurants’ notorious ‘Happy Hour.’ The mouthwatering hot and spicy menu inspired by Beach Shacks and Street Hawkers are perfect for a sizzling evening. If you fancy a trip to the Caribbean on the 14th, get yourself and your loved one down to Turtle Bay for the evening. To book online, simply go to the Turtle Bay Southampton website for further details, or give the bar a visit in the Guildhall Square.

The Stable
The Stable

The Stable, a unique and rustic pizza, pie and cider bar, showcases up to 60 different varieties of cider alongside sour dough based pizzas covered with generous toppings. From vegetarian pizzas to the meaty Hampshire Hog, each pizza is specifically made to suit each and everyone’s wishes. Only recently opening before Christmas 2015, The Stable guarantees that all resources are locally sourced within the regions of Hampshire and Dorset, which gives the restaurant a real depth and care to their menu and service.  To view their tempting menu, visit The Stable’s website or visit them at the Cultural Quarter. A lively bar consisting of long, wooden tables and dim lit lighting, perfect for the relaxed way to celebrate a Valentines evening.

Southampton’s Cultural Quarter is based around Guildhall Square in Above Bar Street – see the below map for details on how to get there:

Originally written by: Alex Middleton