The band recently signed a deal with Common Ground Records.

The band have come a long way since they first broke on the on the scene with their living room cover of Dial Tones. Not only have the lads added some facial hair and a new bassist in Josh Halbert, but they have grown both in stature and ability. Going from a band that makes covers to successfully executing a style of their own is no small feat for the Bournemouth based band.

Wreck is Wolf Culture’s first release after being signed and vocalist/guitarist Max Dervan said of the song “This track is about having strong insecurities about relationships whilst being in a relationship and the effect it can have on its well-being. I struggle to write songs that sound relatively happy so I compromised on this track by having the musical accompaniment sounding quite positive in comparison to the self-doubting and frankly negative lyrics. The aim was to create something bittersweet that still had a hard-hitting chorus line.”

It is refreshing to see someone so young and new in the music industry talk about making compromises within their work. It is this sort of attitude that sets Wolf Culture up to continue making great progress and developing a style they can call their own. The band have gained experience in playing shows with the likes of Like Pacific, Trophy Eyes, WSTR, Hawthorne Heights, Milestones, Weatherstate, Fort Hope, Better Than Never and more. These shows will have no doubt taught them a lot. It feels as though the time has come for it all to fall into place and the boys are ready to make waves on the scene.

“A real on-stage presence”

The video portrays this bittersweet feeling that Max refers to, showing the ups and downs of a relationship. With some cool shots of the boys doing their thing thrown in as well. It’s obvious to see when comparing their new video to the cover that first earned them interest the band have come a long way. They’ve developed their own style and started to produce their own music and it’s abundantly clear that they have grown in confidence.

Despite the talent that we see in their Dial Tones cover, there is an element of awkwardness from them. It is nonetheless a fantastic cover and it’s easy to see why interest in the band was generated from this. However, it is a joy to see how far they have come. This newfound confidence and unique style will be sure to make them a real on-stage presence worth seeing as they prepare for two upcoming shows. You can catch the boys on two occasions in February. First off, they are playing at the Rockhouse Andover on the 24th of February. Then 2 days later they are at the Anvil in Bournemouth. It’s a show that will definitely see a lot of support for Wolf Culture and something that they will most certainly be looking forward to.

Wolf Culture

You can see the band at the following dates:
24th February The Rockhouse Andover
26th February The Anvil Bournemouth

Originally written by: Aidan McCormack