According to, the Xbox One X hit 80,000 sales in its first week in the UK.

‘There’s no power greater than X’. That’s one of the many slogans for Xbox’s latest console release, the Xbox One X. From the initial E3 announcement running up to release date, the Xbox team have been claiming that the X really is the pinnacle of console gaming. But is it really everything that it’s made out to be?

To start with, this isn’t your average console. If you’re interested in purchasing an Xbox One X, it’s not as simple as buying the console itself. And just like that, you’re getting the best experience. You also have to consider the network of hardware attached to it. To fully experience the 4K capabilities for example, a 4K TV isn’t a particularly cheap purchase on top of the already £450 you’ll be spending. Then if you factor in the games, media and additional hardware that you may wish to purchase, the price stacks up considerably.

However, with a premium price comes premium quality, and if you’re willing to spend the money, the benefits are quite clearly there. In terms of specifications, the performance on the X is phenomenal. The 4K visuals are stunning with an attention to detail that is incomparable to any other console on the market. Not only the visuals, but the smooth consistency of 60fps playback means the games are fluid and crisp which really enhances the gaming experience. In comparison to the price you’d be paying for a gaming PC to reach these specifications, the X price is reasonable.

There are currently 140 games that are ‘enhanced for Xbox One X’ but the list continues to grow.

It is also worth noting that even without the additional hardware, there are still benefits to be seen. Regardless of a 4K TV, frame rates are still steady and game visuals are still enhanced on a usual HD 1080p TV screen. Gamers are therefore still able to experience a better quality of gaming by purchasing the console without upgrading other hardware. Although, it’s the new upcoming games that are being enhanced for the X which will be the ones to watch.

Currently, there are only a few 4K launch titles for the X. Forza Motorsport 7 is one of them, and it is already being praised for its immersion and realism. Games such as Anthem, which we have only been teased about in press conferences, are looking to be titles that will stretch the console’s potential and be the literal game-changers.

According to, the Xbox One X hit 80,000 sales in its first week in the UK.

Remarkably, this is also the smallest console that Microsoft have ever created. Not only have the company been able to create a console exceeding the power of all others, it’s also managed to pack it into the most practical box. Xbox were originally criticised for the bulk of the original Xbox One and there’s no doubt that they have taken the comments on board. The compactness of the console makes it the easier to move around, but also with the power brick now inside the console, a lack of additional cables keeps everything simple and more practical.

The Xbox One X is the peak of quality console gaming. With a steep price, comes a quality set of hardware and compared to the equivalent gaming PC, it’s very good value for money. Inevitably the X won’t be for everyone, but it is without a doubt the best to date in console innovation.