The Southampton Joiners is an ideal spot for Tigercub to take the stage. The space matches their gloomy vibe of drone-like sludge anthems. They grace the venue with a thunderous demeanour, demanding undivided attention.

It’s the fact that Tigercub are as good as they are, yet seem so unphased by the adoration they received that makes them such a highpoint of music in 2017. They play their shows with no trace of diva qualities. If anything, they look like any kids from your school who have decided they want to start a band. They seem unassuming and entirely genuine in their craft. There’s no cringe-worthy crowd warm-up attempts or rockstar attitude. They play their set with a refreshing honesty that makes them such an easy watch.

It’s easy to compare the Brighton-based trio to Royal Blood or Queens of the Stone Age due to their fuzzy, grungey sound that catapults through any sound-system. This year’s release Evolve or Die does just that. Following last year’s Abstract Figures in the Dark, Tigercub had quite job producing a successor. That album was full of heartiness- a musical slap-up meal of bangers and mash. It was really rather satisfying. However, Evolve or Die delivered the bread and butter pudding for dessert. Never lacking those hard-hitting drums or moaning vocals, Tigercub have created a lovechild of all their best material so far. And it is true that they have evolved, and certainly not died.