You Me At Six Interview

You Me At Six Interview


Surrey rockers You Me at Six have just finished a 15-date tour ahead of their new album Night People, an album which is set to be released on January 13. In conjunction with the You Me At Six review,  OnTheScene caught up with the band’s guitarist Chris Miller before their show at the Southampton O2 Guildhall to find out more about the album and how they’re getting on.

1) So how are you enjoying the tour so far?

Chris: It’s been absolutely great. It’s like a breath of fresh air really because we’ve had so long off tour writing the album, so to be back playing shows again is really cool. We’re having a great time.

2) What’s been your favourite show on this tour so far?

Chris: I think for me, the best was Nottingham because the crowd reaction was amazing; and the venue – it’s not small but it has a really low ceiling so it feels a lot smaller than it is and felt really intimate. It was a really good show and the crowd were just wild.

3) Last time you did a major UK tour was with All Time Low in 2015 and you were selling out arenas. What made you want to do a more intimate run of shows this time around?

Chris: I think the thought of this tour was playing where we haven’t played in a while. We’ve had a lot of time off and the last touring we did was just hitting the major cities. In the music industry, you have big markets and the smaller ones and we just really wanted to get back out there and play to all the smaller markets that we haven’t played to in a while. Rather than doing 5 shows in big cities, we wanted to do a bigger amount of shows and see a lot of people we haven’t seen before.

You Me At Six Southampton Show Review

4) After this tour you’re heading straight to Europe and there will be another tour when you release your new album next year. What’s it like to be constantly touring after such a long time off?

Chris: It’s great. When you have a new album out you have to prepare to be away the whole time, so you have to put everything to one side and be available to do anything and everything you can do. For us, it’s really exciting because we get to put out new music, play new songs and try to gain new fans. It’s the reason we do it.

5) Your new album is coming out in January and you’ve already released a few songs from it. What can we expect from the rest of the album?

Chris: Night People is one of the most out-there songs on the album in terms of sounding different to what we usually sound like. With this album, we sat down and tried to lose a few of the tangents our other albums have had where, say, you might have a heavy song one minute and then an acoustic song the next – we just really wanted to round our sound to exactly what we wanted it to be.

6) You’ve changed your sound quite a lot on the new album. How has that been received when you’ve been playing those songs on this tour?

Chris: It’s been amazing, actually. We’re actually playing Night People last in the set, which is a bit risky for bands to do with a new song, but the reaction to it has been outstanding. It’s always hard to tell with a new song when you play it live because they either haven’t heard it or it hasn’t sat with them for long enough to really understand it. For me, Night People is one of those songs that we put out that people didn’t really seem to ‘get’, but after a few weeks, they seem to get it a bit more now and you can see it on their faces when we play. It’s really cool.

you me at six
The guys from You Me At Six

7) You recorded Night People in Nashville, Tennessee. Do you think being in a different place so far from home influenced the sound?

Chris: Definitely. We’ve recorded twice in Los Angeles on the last two albums and LA is the home of Hollywood, film and music, but for me personally it didn’t click as being inspirational. Somewhere like Nashville is, in my head, the home of real music. It’s home to all genres of music and everyone is there not because they’re fabricated in LA, but because they’re a real musician and that’s amazing to see. You could be walking down a strip and see 18 bands all playing different music and I can guarantee you that every one of them is better than me at guitar because everyone there is ridiculous. It was amazing.

8) In your opinion, is this your best album yet?

Chris: Yeah, I think this album, from my point of view and collectively, is the best album we’ve ever written and we’re so excited for people to hear it. There’s nothing but excitement.