On the second to last show of their latest tour, You Me At Six returned to Southampton to play a show at the Guildhall on 23rd October. The sold out show lead to the Guildhall being completely packed, with a varied mix of excited fans who eagerly awaited the band’s arrival.

Joining them as the only supporting act on the tour were up and coming indie-rockers Vant. Vant have only been playing together for 2 years so are still unknown to many and that was evident when they came on the stage. However, as they got more into their set, they had the crowd participating and people were happily singing along and clapping by the time their set came to a close. Their sound was well received and set a good scene for the rest of the evening.

On the 13th October, You Me At Six performed at the O2 Guildhall in Southampton.
Once the crowd was warmed up, You Me At Six took to the stage opening with the unusual choice of ‘When We Were Younger’ – a track which before this tour had not been performed live since 2012. The song starts off slow and builds up to become a very prominent track by the end and in hindsight, was a very good way to open the set.

The band went on to play a variety of songs from their previous albums as well as two recently released singles off their upcoming album Night People plus another song from the album which has not yet been released. When they played the old material, the crowd got very involved and there was a great atmosphere, but even when the band were playing their new material, although people didn’t necessarily know it that were still getting involved and enjoying the songs.

The stage was quite basic, consisting of the five of them on stage playing music, but this seemed to work well and added to the personal feeling of the gig. Not only did it feel intimate by the size of the venue they were playing, but the fact that the show and stage were so stripped-back added to the intimate feeling.

Singer Josh Franceschi expressed his love for the crowd and the material they’ve been working on. It was evident in the way they played that the band are very proud of their new music and are eager to play the songs for their fans. The night ended with the title track off of their upcoming album Night People which everybody enjoyed and sang along to from the second the guitar-riff kicked in and it drew the night to a great close.